Amigurumi Couple Of Whales Free Pattern

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What does amigurumi means?
The word Amigurumi comes from Japanese. The Japanese call handicrafts knitted with crochet and needle as Ami. The Japanese call the toys that are filled with objects such as fibers or cotton as Nuigurumi. The word Amigurumi is derived as a combination of these two words.

Amigurumi knitting techniques are very easy. You can find many handcrafts prepared with these techniques on my site. What is Amigurumi for beginners in Amigurumi handwork? How to knit amigurumi? In this blog, where you can find the answers to the questions with pictures, you will be able to learn about Amigurumi in all details.

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Also I’m sharing new amigurumi free patterns every day.
Todays daily new amigurumi free crochet pattern is Whale
I want to give you some informations about this pattern;

Author: Marusya Gerashchenko
Necessary materials:

  • Yarn Jeans YarnArt 55% cotton 45% polyacrylic, 160 m, 50 gr.
    or COTTON GOLD Alize 55% cotton 45% acrylic, 330 m, 100 gr. or other yarn
    suitable color
  • Hook 1.75 (or matching your yarn)
  • Holofiber for stuffing
  • Needle for stitching parts
  • Black buttons or finished eyes D 10 mm
  • A piece of white fleece
  • Instant glue gel
  • Mouline threads or black sewing threads, a needle for them
  • A piece of white thread for embroidery of a smile
    vp – air loop
    sbn – single crochet
    pr – increase – 2 sbn in one loop
    ub – decrease – 2 sbn together
    Head and torso
    We knit in a spiral! We use a marker so as not to lose the beginning of the row.
    We stuff tightly during knitting, forming a slight bend in the tail

1 row: 6sc in an amigurumi ring or in an air loop.
2nd row: (increase) – 6 times (12)
3 row: (sbn, pr) – 6 times (18)
4th row: (2 sbn, pr) – 6 times (24)
5 row: (3 sbn, pr) – 6 times (30)
6 row: (4 sbn, pr) – 6 times (36)
7 row: (5 sbn, pr) – 6 times (42)
8 row: (6 PRS, pr) – 6 times (48)
9 row: (11 sbn, pr) – 4 times (52)
10-15 rows: 52 PRS

16 row: (11 PRS, UB) – 4 times (48)
17, 18 rows: 48 PRS
19 row: (6 PRS, UB) – 6 times (42)
20-23 rows: 42 PRS
24 row: ub, 4 sbn, ub, 28 sbn, ub, 4 sbn (39)
25 row: 39 PRS
26 row: dec, 4 sc, dec, 25 sc, dec, 4 sc (36)
27 row: 36 sbn
28 row: dec, 4 sc, dec, 22 sc, dec, 4 sc (33)
29 row: 33 sbn
30 row: dec, 4 sc, dec, 19 sc, dec, 4 sc (30)
31 row: 30 sbn

32 row: dec, 4 sc, dec, 16 sc, dec, 4 sc (27)
33 row: 27 sc
34 row: dec, 3 sc, dec, 15 sc, dec, 3 sc (24)
35 row: 24 PRS
36 row: dec, 3 sc, dec, 12 sc, dec, 3 sc (21)
37 row: 21 sbn
38 row: dec, 3 sc, dec, 9 sc, dec, 3 sc (18)
39 row: 18 sbn
40 row: ub, 3 sbn, ub, 6 sbn, ub, 3 sbn (15)
41 row: 15 PRS

42 row: dec, 3 sc, dec, 3 sc, dec, 3 sc (12)
43 row: 12 sbn
44 row: (1 PRS, UB) – 4 times (8)
45 row: 8 sc.
Do not cover the hole completely! Cut the thread, hide the tip.

Tail (2 parts)
1 row: 6sc in an amigurumi ring or in an air loop.
2nd row: (1 sbn, pr) – 3 times (9)
3rd row: (2 sbn, pr) – 3 times (12)
4 row: (sc, pr) – 6 times (18)
5-7 rows: 18 sbn

8 row: (1 sbn, ub) – 6 times (12)
9 row: 12 sbn
10 row: (1 sbn, ub) – 4 times (8)
11 row: 8 sc
12 row: 4 decreases
Cut the thread, leaving the tip for sewing.

Fins (2 parts)
1 row: 6sc in an amigurumi ring or in an air loop.
2nd row: (1 sbn, pr) – 3 times (9)
3rd row: (2 sbn, pr) – 3 times (12)
4 row: (3 sbn, pr) – 3 times (15)
5 row: 15 sbn

6 row: (3 PRS, UB) – 3 times (12)
7 row: (1 sbn, ub) – 4 times (8)
8 row: 8 sbn
9 row: 4 decreases
Cut the thread, leaving the tip for sewing.

Assembly and design
1.In the hole that we have left at the end of knitting the torso,
we sew the details of the ponytail. At the base (near the body) you can sew details
tail 1-2 stitches together.

  1. Determine the places for the eyes: they should be located approximately
    in the middle of the body from the barrels, the reference point is 13-14 rows from the beginning of knitting.

To keep everything symmetrical, and also to form holes in
which will “drown” the eyelet button loops, I used a thick knitting needle.
We pierce the body through and through, check (turning the body, looking from
all sides), whether everything is even.

  1. Prepare the eyes: from a piece of white felt we cut out the details in the form of a drop, in
    we make a cut in the center of them and put eye buttons on the loops. If you have
    the eyes are not on the loop, glue them to the felt. On the felt on the back
    apply a little glue and sew / glue the eyes in place.

    the sameness and symmetry of white felt details! Insert a black thread (sewing or floss) into the needle and a few stitches
    we embroider the upper eyelid and cilia.

  2. We attach the fins. First, we determine the optimal place for them,
    fixing with pins and checking for symmetry. Approximate point for
    fins are determined as follows: from the eye, count down 5 sbn, from the received
    point back out 6-7 rows towards the tail. This is a reference point, maybe
    you will like it better if the fins are closer to the nose or to the tail –
    you decide. Sew the fins to the body – we attach only in 2-3
    the last rows of the fin.
  3. We embroider a smile. There is also room for your imagination. Me more
    I like a half smile on one side: we draw the thread in the middle of the muzzle and
    With 1-2 stitches we embroider the mouth to one of the eyes. You can shape
    mouth tightening or embroider a full-fledged smile “from ear to ear.”

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