Amigurumi New Year’s Dolls Free Pattern

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What does amigurumi means?
The word Amigurumi comes from Japanese. The Japanese call handicrafts knitted with crochet and needle as Ami. The Japanese call the toys that are filled with objects such as fibers or cotton as Nuigurumi. The word Amigurumi is derived as a combination of these two words.

Amigurumi knitting techniques are very easy. You can find many handcrafts prepared with these techniques on my site. What is Amigurumi for beginners in Amigurumi handwork? How to knit amigurumi? In this blog, where you can find the answers to the questions with pictures, you will be able to learn about Amigurumi in all details.

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Also I’m sharing new amigurumi free patterns every day.
Todays daily new amigurumi free crochet pattern is Doll
I want to give you some informations about this pattern ;

To work you will need:

  1. Cotton 2 colors (I used Pekhorka
    “Children’s cotton” Thread length in a skein: 330m
    Skein weight: 100g).
    For the body and hats in the New Year
    option-green or red (1
    baby doll takes about 1/3 of the skein).
    In order not to ripple in the eyes in
    in the master class, I used the color “mint”.
    For the head and handles – the color is harsh (about 1/5 skein).
  2. Scarf yarn (you can use
    any yarn residue).
  3. Beads for eyes 2pcs black, diameter -0.6 or 0.8 mm.
    Author: KotiKo_toys
  4. Holofiber or synthetic winterizer for stuffing. (About 80 g depends on how tight
    you want to stuff a toy).
  5. The needle is 9 cm long.
  6. A piece of wire 20 cm.
  7. Adhesive plaster in a skein (you need a piece about 10 cm long).
  8. Cotton swabs 5pcs or dowel 12 * 60 nylon. (The photo will be below).
  9. Hook # 1.25.
  1. Knitting needles number 2.
  2. Knitting marker and pins.
  3. Dry pastel or pink pencil.
  4. Buttons 2 pcs.
    SBN – single crochet.
    CCH-column with crochet.
    Increase – increase
    Amigurumi ring:

    Step 1: Make a loop about 2.5 cm from the end of the thread.
    Place the working thread between your index and middle fingers.
    Step 2: Insert the hook into the loop, grab the working thread and pull it out in front of

    Step 3: Grab the working thread and pull it through the loop formed.
    Step 4: Pull out the working thread and tighten. This loop does not count as the first loop.
    column in the ring.
    Step 5: Bring the crochet underneath both threads to form a large loop.
    Grab a working thread.
    Step 6: Pull out the pellet and grab the working thread again with the crochet. Drag through
    working thread through two loops on the hook. Thus, we tied the first single crochet in the amigurumi ring.

We will knit tightly, in a spiral for 2 loops !!!

Legs (mint color):
1) in the amigurumi ring 5 sc;
2) 1 sc, 4 ar. (In each loop) = 9 sc;
3) -15) we knit on 9 loops of SBN (14 rows).
Tie 2 legs. We cut off the thread on the right leg, leaving a long tail.
On the second, we do not break off, we continue to knit the body.

Body (Mint color):
1) We connect two legs together, making increments by
sides for this:
we knit on the left leg 5 RLS; we hang a marker;
then a chain of 10 air loops;
then on the right leg 3 sc, ave., 1 sc, ave., 3 sc;
10 air loops;
on the left leg 3 sc, ave., 1 sc, ave., 3 sc.

In total, you should get 42 sc.
2) 42 RLS We knit the loops of the air chain for 1 loop! On legs for 2
3) -14) we knit 12 rows (for 2 loops) without changes = 42 PRS.
Sew the hole between the legs with the rest of the thread from the right leg for 1
loop. We fill the legs tightly with holofiber. (I use for this kebab stick).

15) (5 sc, ub.) 6 times = 36 sc;
16) 36 sc;
17) 36 sc;
18) (4 sc, ub.) 6 times = 30 sc;
19) 30 PRS;
20) 30 sc;
21) (3 sc, ub.) 6 times = 24 sc;
22) 24 sc;
23) 24 sc.

We fill the body tightly with holofiber to half.
24) (2 sc, ub.) 6 times = 18 sc;
25) 18 PRS;
26) 18 PRS.

Change the color of the thread. Flesh color (harsh).
27) (2 sc, arr.) 6 times = 24 sc;
28) (3 sc, arr.) 6 times = 30 sc;
29) (4 sc, arr.) 6 times = 36 sc;
30) (5 sc, arr.) 6 times = 42 sc;
31) (6 sc, arr.) 6 times = 48 sc;
32) (7 sc, arr.) 6 times = 54 sc;
33) (8 sc, arr.) 6 times = 60 sc;
34) (9 sc, arr.) 6 times = 66 sc.

Stuff the body. Insert 5 cotton swabs into the neck (fasten with adhesive plaster) or

If you decide to insert a dowel, then through the crevice in it you need to pass
wire for hands.
To do this, we introduce the wire from the side, between the 22nd and 23rd rows of the body, then into
a crevice, then we take it out from the other side.

35) – 46) 66 PRS (12 rows);
47) (9 sc, ub.) 6 times = 60 sc;
48) (8 PRS, UB.) 6 times = 54СБН;
49) (7 sc, ub.) 6 times = 48 sc;
50) (6 sc, ub.) 6 times = 42 sc;
51) (5 sc, ub.) 6 times = 36 sc;
52) (4 PRS, UB.) 6 times = 30 PRS.

Stuff your head to half.
53) (3 sc, ub.) 6 times = 24 sc;
54) (2 sc, ub.) 6 times = 18 sc;
55) (1 sc, ub.) 6 times = 12 sc.
Stuff in the rest of the head.

We break off the thread, leaving a long tail. (we will do an eyeliner)
Pull off the hole.

Decide on which side the face will be (there is no difference) mark the place
eyes (you can use pins) I have it between 12 and 13 near the head. Between
eyes should be 7-8 loops (as you like)
Thread the rest of the thread into a long needle and stick it into the center of the crown – remove
between the rows at the intended location of the left eye, then
we insert the needle into the adjacent loop, of the same row and bring it into place
the location of the right eye, then to the left, and so on several times, pulling
“Eye sockets” between themselves, then bring them to the top of the head and fix

Sew on beads-eyes with black thread. (to the places of the straps on the head):

Flesh color (harsh).
1) in the amigurumi ring 4 sc;
2) increments in each loop = 8 sc;
3) 8 sc;
4) 3 PRS with one vertex, 7 PRS = 8 PRS – for one hand;
(7 PRS, 3 PRS with one vertex = 8 PRS – for the other hand);
5) 8 sc.

Change the color to mint.

6) -24 8 PRS (19 rows);
We break off the thread, leaving a long tail (we will sew it on). Ready
attach the handles to the wire, bend the last loop at the desired level,
fixing with an adhesive plaster. Put the handles on the wire, pull to torso and sew neatly.

Whoever has difficulty with this, or there is no wire, you can simply sew or
pull off the loops of the hand at the top and sew to the body.
Beanie (mint color):

1) in the ring amigurumi 6 sc;
2) 6 arr. = 12 sc;
3) (1 sc, arr.) 6 times = 18 sc;
4) (2 sc, arr.) 6 times = 24 sc;
5) (3 sc, arr.) 6 times = 30 sc;
6) (4 sc, arr.) 6 times = 36 sc;
7) (5 sc, arr.) 6 times = 42 sc;

8) (6 sc, arr.) 6 times = 48 sc;
9) (7 sc, arr.) 6 times = 54 sc;
10) (8 sc, arr.) 6 times = 60 sc;
11) (9 sc, arr.) 6 times = 66 sc;
11) -23) 66 PRS (13 rows).
We break off the thread, leaving a long tail (we will sew it on).

Bumps (mint color):
Tie two identical bumps and sew on
sides (New Year’s colors).
1) in the ring amigurumi 6 sc;
2) 6 arr. = 12 sc;
3) (1 sc, arr.) 6 times = 18 sc;
4) (2 sc, arr.) 6 times = 24 sc;
5) (3 sc, arr.) 6 times = 30 sc;

6) (4 sc, arr.) 6 times = 36 sc;
7) -10) 36 sc.
We break off the thread, leaving a long tail (we will sew it on).

Color optional. We knit with stitch needles, randomly typing (in
depending on the yarn) number of loops. And the length that suits.
I knitted with needles # 2 on 11 loops, 142 rows.
1p front loops;

2 p purl.
Alternate to the desired length.
If you crochet, then depending on the desired width, choose the number
in air loops. For example, 6 vp, then 2 lifting loops, turn, 5

CCH. Further in rotary rows, to the desired length.
Assembly and design:

  1. Put a hat on your head (should fit tightly), sew, grabbing
    thread in several places.
  2. Arrange the bumps on the cap as you like and stuff them
    Sew on with holofiber.
  3. Cross-stitch the navel.
  4. Brown the cheeks with dry pastels or with a pencil rubbed into dust
    pencil (use a brush or foam pad).
  5. Sew buttons on the hat.
  6. Tie a scarf.
    New Year’s baby doll is ready! Knit with pleasure 

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