Amigurumi Shy Doll Free Pattern

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What does amigurumi means?
The word Amigurumi comes from Japanese. The Japanese call handicrafts knitted with crochet and needle as Ami. The Japanese call the toys that are filled with objects such as fibers or cotton as Nuigurumi. The word Amigurumi is derived as a combination of these two words.

Amigurumi knitting techniques are very easy. You can find many handcrafts prepared with these techniques on my site. What is Amigurumi for beginners in Amigurumi handwork? How to knit amigurumi? In this blog, where you can find the answers to the questions with pictures, you will be able to learn about Amigurumi in all details.

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Also I’m sharing new amigurumi free patterns every day.
Todays daily new amigurumi free crochet pattern is Girl
I want to give you some informations about this pattern;

Pattern by Nina.Hookcreations
Cotton yarn: A – beige, B – olive, C – dark olive, D – brown, E – gray,
F – black

Crochet hook 3mm or suitable for your yarn
Filler, needles, dry pastel
The size of the finished toy is 25cm. Sew the eyes in 10-11 rows at a distance of 5-6 loops.

Special hinges:
Closing a row:
Imperceptible decrease:

Rach step:

Ka – amigurumi ring
Bp – air loop
Сс-connecting column
Sbn – single crochet
Pr – increase
Ub – decrease
Ssn – double crochet
Psn – half double crochet

Legs-socks, gray-black, 2pcs (color change every 2 rows; the beginning of the row with vp and
end of row ss in 1st column):
Translation by Valentin Shapovalov
color F:
1p 6sbn v ka (6)
2p 1vp, (sbn, pr) x3, ss (9)

color E:
3p 1vp, (2sbn, pr) x3, ss (12)
4p 12sbn
color F:
5p 1vp, 12sbn, ss (12)
6p 1vp, 12sbn, ss (12)

color E:
7p 1vp, 12sbn, ss
8p 1vp, 12sbn, ss (12)
color F:
9p 1vp, 6sbn, turn

10p 1vp, 6sbn, turn

11p 1vp, 6sbn, do not turn and continue to knit in a circle

12-13rr 1vp, 12sbn, ss (12)
color E:
14-15rr 1vp, 12sbn, ss (12)
color F:
16-17rr 1vp, 12sbn, ss (12)
color E:

18-19rr 1vp, 12sbn, ss (12)
color F:
20-21rr 1vp, 12sbn, ss (12)
color E:
22-23rr 1vp, 12sbn, ss (12)

color F: (no further ss and lifting loops):
24p for back loops 12sbn
25r 12sbn

26-35rr 12sbn

Fasten and cut the thread. Do not cut the thread on the 2nd leg !!! And continue:
35r you may have to knit a few more sbn so that the legs look toes

Body color A:
Knit 4vp and connect with the 1st leg, skipping 2 loops from the last ss

36p 12sbn, 4sbn in a chain, 12sbn, 4sbn in a chain (32)
37-47rr 32sbn

48r (6sbn, ub) x4 (28)
49-50rr 28sbn
51r (5sbn, ub) x4 (24)
52-53rr 24sbn

54r (4sbn, ub) x4 (20)
55r 20sbn
56r (3sbn, ub) x4 (16)
57r (2sbn, ub) x4 (12)
58p 12sbn, do not cut the thread and continue

Head, color A:
1p prx12 (24)
2p (2sbn, pr) x8 (32)
3p (3sbn, pr) x8 (40)
4p (4sbn, pr) x8 (48)

5-17rr 48sbn
Insert or embroider eyes between 10 and 11 rows at a distance of 5 loops. Embroider nose beige
yarn with several stitches one row below the eyes. Stitch the mouth with one stitch 4 rows below
from the nose.

color F:
18-19rr 48sbn
20p (4sbn, ub) x8 (40)
21p (3sbn, ub) x8 (32)
22p (2sbn, ub) x8 (24)
23p (sbn, ub) x8 (16)
24p ubx8, ss (8)

Fasten and cut the thread

Hands, color A, 2pcs:
1p 4sbn in ka (4)
2p prx4 (8)
3p (sbn, pr) x4 (12)

Translation by Valentin Shapovalov
4p 5sbn, bump, 6sbn (12)
5p (4sbn, ub) x2 (10)
6p 4sbn, ub, 4sbn (9)

Fill your hands only at the bottom.
7-26rr 9sbn
27p fold in half and knit on both sides 4sbn
Fasten and cut the thread, leaving for sewing.

Dress, color B:
1p 25vp, turn
2p from the 2nd from the hook: 24sbn, 1vp, turn
3p (2sbn, pr) x8, 1vp, turn (32)
4p (3sbn, pr) x8, 1vp, turn (40)
5p 5sbn, 6vp, skip 6 loops, 18sbn, 6vp, skip 6 loops, 5sbn, 1vp, turn (40)
6p 40sbn, 1vp

Color C:
7p for front loops 40ssn, 2vp, turn
Translation by Valentin Shapovalov
8p 40sbn, ss, 2vp

Do not turn the work further!
9p (1ssn, pr) x20, ss, 2vp (60)
10-16rr 60ssn, ss

Color B:
17p ratchet step into each loop
Fasten and cut the thread.

In color B, embroider the dress with French knots in any order.

Hair color F:
Cut 30cm strands and attach them in a way convenient for you. Fasten at the border
color transition. You can fill your entire head. The author did not fill in because he will be wearing

Trim bangs and braids.
Beanie, color D:

1p 8psn v ka, ss (8)
2p 1vp, (pr from psn) x8, ss (16)
3p 1vp, (psn, pr) x8, ss (24)
4p 1vp, (2psn, pr) x8, ss (32)
5p 1vp, (3psn, pr) x8, ss (40)
6p 1vp, (4psn, pr) x8, ss (48)
7-12rr 1vp, 48psn, ss
13p 1vp, 48sbn, ss

The first ear, the front side to you:
1p 1vp, skip the loop, 10sc, turn (10)
2p 1vp, skip the loop, 9sc, turn (9)
3p 1vp, skip the loop, 8sc, turn (8)

4p 1vp, skip the loop, 7sbn, turn (7)
5p 1vp, skip the loop, 6sbn, turn (6)
6p 1vp, skip the loop, 5sbn, turn (5)
Fasten and cut the thread.
Left eyelet, right side facing you, skip 14 loops and attach yarn:
Repeat rows 1-6.

Make a harness over the entire cap and ears of the sbn. Fasten and cut the thread.
Bear ears for a hat, color D, 2pcs:
1p 6sbn v ka (6)
2p prx6 (12)
3p (sbn, pr) x6 (18)
4-6rr 18sbn
Fold in half and knit on both sides 8sc. Fasten and cut the thread, leaving for

Sew on hands in the 56th row of the body.
Translation by Valentin Shapovalov
Sew on the ears on the hat.
Sew a hat to your head.
Rouge your cheeks.

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