Amigurumi Super Heroes I Batman & Superman Free Pattern

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What does amigurumi means?
The word Amigurumi comes from Japanese. The Japanese call handicrafts knitted with crochet and needle as Ami. The Japanese call the toys that are filled with objects such as fibers or cotton as Nuigurumi. The word Amigurumi is derived as a combination of these two words.

Amigurumi knitting techniques are very easy. You can find many handcrafts prepared with these techniques on my site. What is Amigurumi for beginners in Amigurumi handwork? How to knit amigurumi? In this blog, where you can find the answers to the questions with pictures, you will be able to learn about Amigurumi in all details.

I share in this blog are amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs, amigurumi fish, amigurumi unicorn, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi parrot, amigurumi giraffe, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi bunnies, amigurumi cows, amigurumi sheeps, amigurumi bees, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi snakes, amigurumi mice, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi pumpkins, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi owls, amigurumi cartoon characters, amigurumi twetters, amigurumi caterpillars and more …

Also I’m sharing new amigurumi free patterns every day.
Todays daily new amigurumi free crochet pattern is Superman
I want to give you some informations about this pattern;

Author: @ plushtoys.handmade
For one hero you need about 120 g plush yarn. I use Himalaya Dolphin Baby (120m – 100g).

10 g – 80353 or 80342 (YarnArt Dolche 771) –
body (head); 55 g – 80311 (YarnArt Dolche 742) –
shoes, gloves, shorts, raincoat, mask, sign;
5 g – 80302 or 80313 (YarnArt Dolche 761) –
belt, sign; 50 gr – 80320 or light gray 80351 (YarnArt Dolche 760 or light gray 782) – suit.
Felt: white, yellow, black.

For one hero you need about 120 g plush yarn. I use
Himalaya Dolphin Baby (120m – 100g).


  • For a knitted sign it is better in color:
  • to Himalaya 80302:
  • YarnArt Baby Cotton 431;
  • Alize Bella 110;
  • Gazzal Baby Cotton 3413;
  • YarnArt Jeans 67;
  • to Himalaya 80313 and Dolche 761:
  • YarnArt Jeans 88;
  • Alize Bella 488.

15 g – 80353 or 80342 (YarnArt Dolche
771) – head, hands;
40 g – 80318 or 80352 (YarnArt Dolche
748) – shoes, shorts, raincoat;
10 g – 80311 (YarnArt Dolche 742) –
5 g – 80302 or 80313 (YarnArt Dolche
761) – belt;
50 gr – 80326 or 80327 or 80341
(Dolche 768 or 777) – suit.

Felt: yellow, red.
Eyes: 10 mm.
Hooks: 4mm, 2mm.
Filler (holofiber).
Polymer glue (for example, Dekostil, Crystal). DO NOT SUPER GLUE.
Long stitching needle (12 cm).
Wide eye needle (for tie holes at the end of the knitting part).
Strong nylon thread for fastening parts, dental floss.
Pins with a ball at the end.
Hosiery needles.

Height – 26 cm

When publishing your work on this MK,
welcome mark link to Instagram author @ plushtoys.handmade and using hashtag


Crochet Conventions:
VP – air loop;
sbn – single crochet;
pr – an increase (knit two sbn into one loop);
ub – decrease (for the front walls);
ss – connecting column;
(1 sc, pr) * 6 times – we knit the action 6 times.
Yarn consumption, size and appearance toys depends on the density of knitting and grabbing the thread. I knit tightly with check marks
The toy is knitted in a spiral, without loops lifting. You can use a marker to knitting or contrasting thread to mark the beginning of the row.

When knitting from plush yarn, I dial a chain of two VP. and knit in the second loop (hereinafter – in W. p.) from the hook the specified number of loops.


We start with black.
We knit a chain of two VP.
1 row: 7 PRS on Tue. n. from cr ..
2 row: 7 ave (14)
3-4 row: 14 sbn.

Change to gray.
5-7 row: 14 sbn (3 rows).
8 row: ub, 12 sbn (13).
9 row: ub, 11 sbn (12).
10-14. 12 sc (5 rows).
15.6 ub (6).

Leave the thread.

Insert the remaining yarn into the needle and we pick up each loop for the front wall, while tightening thread to pull off the hole.
Once again, in a circle, grab everything with a needle or several loops. We hide the thread inside, we take it away, pull it tightly and carefully cut close to knitting.

We knit two legs.
We start with black. We knit shoes.
We knit a chain of two VP.
1 row: 8 sc on Tue. from the hook.
2 row: 8 pr (16)
3rd row: 16 PRS behind the back wall.
4-5 row: 16 sb.
Change to gray. We knit a suit.
6-9 row: 16 sbn (4 rows).
Change to black. We knit shorts.
10 row for the first leg:
16 sbn – ss. Cut the thread.
10 row for the second leg:
16 sc + 2 sc. We do not cut the thread.

We connect the legs:
from the second leg we knit 3 VP.

We find ss on the first leg and under it the 16th sbn in the ninth row. We introduce the hook under the SS into 16 sc of the ninth row and knit ss.

1 sc, (pr, 3 sc) * 3, pr, 2 sc.
On one side of the chain: ss, pr, ss. ss, (pr, 3 sbn) * 3, pr, 2 sbn.
On the other side of the chain: ss, pr, ss. We mark the end of the row with a marker.

11-12 row: 48 sbn (2 rows).
13 row: 8 sc, dec, 23 sc, dec, 13 sc (46)
14 row: 46 sbn.

Change to yellow. We knit a belt.
15 row: 46 sc.
16 row: 7 sc, dec, 23 sc, dec, 12 sc (44).
17 row: 44 sbn. Fill your legs tight.

Change to gray. We knit a suit.
18 row: 44 sbn.
19 row: 6 sc, dec, 23 sc, dec, 11 sc (42).
20 row: 42 sc.
21 row: (4 PRS, UB) * 7 times (35).
22-23 row: 35 PRS. Fill the body.
24 row: (3 PRS, UB) * 7 times (28).
25 row: 28 sbn.
26 row: (2 PRS, UB) * 7 times (21).
27 row: 21 sb.
28 row: (2 sbn, ub) * 5 times, 1 sbn (16).
29 row: 16 sbn + ss. We fill the body to the end.

We start with black. We knit a mask.
We knit a chain of two VP.
1 row: 7 PRS on Tue. from the hook.
2 row: 7 ave (14)
3 row: (1 sbn, pr) * 7 times (21).
4 row: (2 sbn, pr) * 7 times (28).
5 row: (3 sbn, pr) * 7 times (35).
6 row: (4 sbn, pr) * 7 times (42).
7 row: (5 sbn, pr) * 7 times (49).
8-11 row: 49 PRS (4 rows).

Change to body color.
12-15 row: 49 sbn (4 rows).
16 row: (5 sbn, ub) * 7 times (42).
17 row: (4 PRS, UB) * 7 times (35).
18 row: (3 PRS, UB) * 7 times (28).
19 row: (2 PRS, UB) * 7 times (21).
20 row: (2 sbn, ub) * 5, 1 sbn (16)
Cut the thread, hide it.
We stuff tightly

We knit a chain of 11 VP.
1 row: from the second loop from the hook we knit for both walls 10 sbn to the end.
2nd row: VP, unfold, etc., 8 PRS, etc.
3 row: VP, unfold, 12 PRS.
4 row: VP, unfold, etc., 10 PRS, etc.
5-9 row: VP, unfold, 14 PRS.
10 row: VP, unfold, etc., 12 PRS, etc.
11-13 row: run, unfold, 14 sbn.
Cut the thread. We start tying in a circle with first row, move down the left to the side (12 sbn), in the corner we make a combination (sbn, vp, sbn), knit along the bottom (15 sbn), in the corner (sbn, vp, sbn), go up on the right side (13 PRS). You do not need to tie the top.
Leave a thread. Sew on the columns of the 27th row

We fix the head with knitting needles, as shown in the last photo of the previous page.
Sew on the 28 rows for the posts.

We use thread for sewing hands fastening. Watch the YouTube video on request: “Thread fastening, very in detail how to attach the legs and handles toy with a thread. “

We knit in black.
We knit a chain of two VP.
1 row: 5 sc on Tue. from the hook.
2nd row: 5 sbn, etc. (7)
3 row: 6 sbn, etc. (8).
4 row: 7 PRS, etc. (9).
5 row: 8 sbn, etc. (10).
6 row: 10 sc.
7 row: 9 PRS, etc. (11).
8 row: 10 PRS, etc. (12).
9 row: 11 PRS, etc. (13).
10 row: 12 sbn, etc. (14).
Knit 7 more sc, fold knitting,
knit two sides together (7 sc).
Leave the thread for sewing.

Sew on the ears, rising 1-2 rows up from the mask line. We place them clearly on the sides above the legs and arms.

So that they do not fall, we sew inside to head. We fix, like the handles – with thread fastening.

We make stitches with plush yarn.
Fasten the beginning of the thread under the ear: we deduce on the line of the mask and output to the same point 3-4 rows lower.
The width of the nose is 6-7 sc. Do not tighten the thread too much. Withdraw the tip under the eyelet, fasten trim.

Crochet 2 mm.
We knit an oval in yellow.

The diagram is drawn by columns with one crochet, but we will knit everything in columns without a crochet.
We collect a chain of 12 VP.

1 row: pr. On Tue. p. from the hook, 9 sbn one by one side, in the last loop we knit 3
sc (i.e. 2 sc on one side of the chain and 1 sc on the other), 9 sc on the other side, in we knit the last underloop 1 sbn.

2nd row: 2 ave., 9 sbn, 3 ave., 9 sbn, 1 ave.
In the next row for each increase of the previous row we knit pr. + 1 sbn.
3 row: ave., 1 sbn, ave., 1 sbn, 9 sbn, ave., 1 sbn, pr., 1 sbn, ave., 1 sbn, 9 sbn, ave., 1 sbn + ss.
Leave 20-30 cm of thread.


We knit in single crochet.
We collect a chain of 13 VP.
From Tue. p. from the hook we knit 2 sbn, 2 vp on skip the chain, 2 sc, dial 2 VP, we knit another 2 sbn along the chain, again skip 2 VP on the chain, 2 sbn.
Finish knitting. It turned out to be a zigzag.
Sew the mouse to the oval.
We sew the sign to the body.

Cut out of white felt, can be very quickly burn the edges of the parts, glue.
Optionally, you can cut the mark from
felt: from yellow – oval, and from black – bat. Glue together. Stick it on.

The description is almost the same as for Batman.

Row 1-4: body color.
5-15 row: blue suit.

Row 1-5: red shoes.
6-9 row: blue suit.
10-14 row: red shorts.
Next, we knit a belt of the desired width (by photo Batman has 3 rows – 15-17, and Superman has
2 rows – 15-16).
15-16 row: yellow belt.
Row 17-29: blue suit.

Knit with body color.
Dial 6 sc in the amigurumi ring. Strongly not
pull together, leave the threads to sew.
Sew the ears parallel to the eyes and arms.

We knit all with body color.
We put our eyes between 9-10 next.
We embroider the nose: 5-6 stitches 4 sbn wide.

We knit in black.
We knit a chain of two VP.
1 row: 8 sc on Tue. from the hook.
2 row: 8 pr (16)
3 row: (1 sbn, pr) * 8 times (24).
4 row: (2 sbn, pr) * 8 times (32).
5 row: (3 sbn, pr) * 8 times (40).
6 row: (4 sbn, pr) * 8 times (48).
7 row: 48 sbn.
8 row: (5 sbn, pr) * 8 times (56).
9-10 row: 56 sc.

We immediately knit a curl:
ss, 5 VP – go back down starting from Tue. Sweat hooks: 3 sbn in 1 loop, 3 pr, ss in the main
row. We turn it out, sew it on.

We knit completely red. Without changes.
Sew on the head.
Sew on hands.
Cut out the sign from felt, glue



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