Amigurumi Plush Elephant Free PDF Crochet Pattern

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What does amigurumi means?
The word Amigurumi comes from Japanese. The Japanese call handicrafts knitted with crochet and needle as Ami. The Japanese call the toys that are filled with objects such as fibers or cotton as Nuigurumi. The word Amigurumi is derived as a combination of these two words.

Amigurumi knitting techniques are very easy. You can find many handcrafts prepared with these techniques on my site. What is Amigurumi for beginners in Amigurumi handwork? How to knit amigurumi? In this blog, where you can find the answers to the questions with pictures, you will be able to learn about Amigurumi in all details.

I share in this blog are amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs, amigurumi fish, amigurumi unicorn, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi parrot, amigurumi giraffe, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi bunnies, amigurumi cows, amigurumi sheeps, amigurumi bees, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi snakes, amigurumi mice, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi pumpkins, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi owls, amigurumi cartoon characters, amigurumi twetters, amigurumi caterpillars and more …

Also I’m sharing new amigurumi free patterns every day.
Todays daily new amigurumi free crochet pattern is Elephant
I want to give you some informations about this pattern;

Necessary materials:

– Himalaya Dolphin baby or DOLCE YarnArt 120m / 100gr – 1 skein;

– Eyes, I use sewn ones, with a diameter of 17-21 mm;

– Hook number 4;

– Sintepon filler, about 200 gr.

Designer: @ostaninalana


AR – Amigurumi Magic ring

MR – Amigurumi Magic ring

App – application

ll – lift loop

sc : Single Crochet

inc : Increase

dec : Decrease

tr : Triple Crochet/ Treble Crochet

st: Stitch

dc : Double Crochet

hdc: Half Double Crochet

sl-st : Slip Stitch

ch : Chain : make increase into same stitch as many as the number which is given in front of “inc” abbreviation (exp; 3inc, 4inc..).

FLO : Crochet into front loops only

BLO : Crochet into back loops only

BL : Bobble Stitch – do 5dc all in the same stitch and then yarn over and pull through all the loops on your hook (the original loop + 1 loop for each partially completed dc).


1) 6sc in the ring amigurumi (6)

2) (inc)х6 (12)

3) (sc, inc)х6 (18)

4) 18sc

5) (dec, 7sc)х2 (16)

6) (dec, 6sc)х2 (14)

7) (dec, 5sc)х2 (12)

8-13) 12sc (6 rows)

14) (5sc, inc)х2 (14)

15) (6sc, inc)х2 (16)

16) (7sc, inc)х2 (18)

17) 18sc

Paws (4pcs):

1) 6sc in amigurumi ring (6)

2) (inc)х6 (12)

3) (sc, inc)х6 (18)

4) behind the back loop 18sc

5-8) 18sc (4 row)


1) 6sc in amigurumi ring (6)

2) (inc)х6 (12)

3) (sc, inc)х6 (18)

4) (2sc, inc)х6 (24)

We do not cut the thread, we connect the paws and the belly.

5) knit together 6 paw loops and 6 belly loops, repeat with all paws, continue knitting.


1) (12sc on the paw, 2sc between the paws) x4 (56)

2-4) 56sc (3 row)

5) 13sc, dec, 26sc, dec, 13sc (54)

6) 22sc, we attach the trunk, knitting both parts 9sc, 23sc (54)

7) 23sc on the body, 9sc on the trunk, 22sc on the body (54)

At the end of row 7 we knit the tail, after 53 loops we cast on 12ch, knit in the opposite direction 11sc (offset loops), starting from the second loop from the hook, 1sc into the 54th loop.

8) 54sc

9) (7sc, dec)х6 (48)

10) (6sc, dec,)х6 (42)

11) (5sc, dec)х6 (36)

12-13) 36sc (2 row)

14) (dec, 4sc)х6 (30)

Stuff the legs, trunk, body.

15) (dec, 3sc)х6 (24)

16) (dec, 2sc)х6 (18)

17) (dec, sc)х6 (12)

18) (dec)х6 (6), close.

Ear (2 times):

1) 6sc in amigurumi ring (6)

2) (inc)х6 (12)

3) (sc, inc)х6 (18)

4) (2sc, inc)х6 (24)

5) (3sc, inc)х6 (30)

6-10) 30sc (5 rows)

11) (dec, 3sc)х6 (24)

12) (dec, 2sc)х6 (18)

13) Fold the ear in half, connect: 3sc, (dec)х2, 2sc.

We fix the trunk up, tighten and sew on the eyes, fix the ears and the Elephant is ready!

Girls-needlewomen, knit with pleasure and mark Svetlana Ostanina as the author of your elephant’s pattern.

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